Friday, October 31, 2008

Conv Photos- Airports & Takeoff!

Lines are starting to get long at Delta's Departing section of the airport.

Betty Chu and some of her famous Angoras. We were all leaving from San Francisco.

Jenny H., myself, and Susie C.

Boy, it's going to be a long flight............

Convention Wins!

I had to back-date this post since I was flaking on posting my Convention results.

I only brought one rabbit.. Lil'Bit Farms Harmony. She is a solid senior doe, and the one I felt had the best chance to win in my barn. You know... it only takes one to win, and it held true.
To cut to the chase.. she ended up winning 1st out of 63 does and BOSV SOLID!!!!!

This was such a huge honor and I don't think I can thank her breeder Melanie and Leanne from Lil'Bit Farms Rabbitry enough! They have been so good to me! Thank you so much to Melissa (CA) and Scott (CO) for judging!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hard to believe..Convention time!

It's beyond hard to believe.. but Convention is here!!!!! 2 days until departure!

I feel bad bragging that I get to go in front of those that don't. I wish I could take everyone with me in my suitcase. But I have been in that position for so many years. Watching everyone else go but myself. Now is my time to actually get to go and enjoy and experience every ounce of it. I am so BEYOND ecstatic! Tonight I will finish up packing (er... or start it. hehehe) and do all my last minute preparations. I need to go to Wally World during lunch to pick up an extra memory card for my camera. I know I will be taking a ton of photos to share. Tomorrow I'll be leaving work early and will pick up Susie (Wooly World Rabbitry) along our drive to the Bay Area. We're staying over with Christina and her mother Tausha (Precious Fuzzy Farm), and going to San Francisco the next morning to leave on the plane. We have a big group of fuzzy breeders on the same departing flight in San Francisco. It is sure to be a morning full of wool!! After the first leg of the flight a lot of us split up, but we will all arrive in the same wonderful destination.. Louisville, KY!

I wont be able to update before I leave... so I want to wish everyone much success and enjoyment in Kentucky. See you there!