Monday, February 23, 2009

Oldies but goodies!

I was going through my files on my computer and found some show photos from one of the Stockton shows last year. I think it was mid to late 2008? I don't think these have been posted anywhere, so here you go! I love sharing random show shots from our Northern California shows!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb Stockton show scenes

Shots from the Stockton show earlier this month. Just got around to uploading them!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cute fuzzzz

A couple random shots of some of my bunnies from the Stockton show. First up, my SJD Poof Ball! She won BOSB in Show B. She is gorgeous. She wont be a junior for Nationals though :( Second is my NEW little guy, MG's Karate Chop! We decided to decorate him with a barette and destroy his manhood. He is sired by Gard's Waffles, a GORGEOUS buck owned by Jenny H. Credit for the photos goes to Jenny H (M & G Rabbitry)!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

WWR's Pearl delivered 2 fat healthy babies this past Wednesday. Yay! Right on time Pearl! I'm very excited as these are my first live wooly babies born ever! Plus, they are also my first Ricky babies (Lone Oak's Ricky). Very very exciting.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm celebrating tonight with dinner and a movie with the boy. We'd rather not deal with all the "valentine's dinner traffic" at restaurants tomorrow night! We're going to see "Friday The 13th", which came out in theaters today... on Friday The 13th!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The duo does it again at Stockton!

The last show in we attended, which was Red Bluff, Tonka and Puff Ball took BOB and BOS honors. The duo does it again!
We attended the 2/7 Stockton show last weekend and had a wonderful time. I brought home PFF's Oprah, who is going to be a new "puzzle piece part" added to my otter fuzzy lop starter line. I know Carol has got some cute otters out of her, so I'm hoping I will too!
Plus Jenny hooked me up with a new little broken junior buck. I know I know... like I need another rabbit. But this little guy was too cute to pass up, and she WAS waiting for the perfect broken buck to offer to me. (I don't have ONE broken fuzzy lop buck in the barn!). We'll grow him out and see what he turns into!
As for shows, we have nothing until Nationals. Hard to believe, but I am going to take time off from bunny shows to cut, groom, and coat out the fuzzies for the first weekend in April when I will be driving to Salt Lake City, Utah for AFLRC Nationals. After that the show season will start up again heavily.

THF Saynora Puff Ball, SJD above, wins BOS in Show A, with 20 fuzzies entered in Open!

PFF's Tonka (SSB) takes BOB in Show A, with 20 fuzzies entered in Open!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey, that's not a bunny...

Some don't know.. but I show dogs too! Yes! I've actually been in dogs probably just as long if not longer than I have been in rabbits. I have been showing, since back in my Junior Handling days..year 2000 or less. Above is my new show pup, Presston! He is a border collie, and what potential he has! I drove to Idaho last August to pick him up. His first official show will be later this month, at 8 months old. Be forewarned there will possibly be some Presston blog updates in the future!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ohio State Convention!

Good news! Well, I'm 80% sure I will be flying (with buns) to Ohio in the beginning of May for the Ohio State Convention! I'll be there to exhibit and attend Jersey Wooly and Lionhead Nationals.. as well as check out some AFL stuff. How exciting! It will be my first time to go to Ohio, and I will be able to meet up with alot of my good friends I rarely see but at the big shows like Convention, and I will be able to meet a bunch of Rabbit Habbit people I have yet to meet.